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Ignorant Armies

The second volume of the Jonathan Hare series was published by Melrose Books in the UK in September 2010. Readers reports are being received. Here is what one Reader said:
Jonathan’s special skills, notably safe-breaking, have come to the attention of Superintendent Henderson and Jonathan is dragged into a plot to bring down an American Gambling den in Mayfair. In the previous novel, Jonathan had helped bring to justice an infamous criminal gang and his skills are well known to the police. The backdrop of the novel is the class war of the post war period in Britain and Jonathan’s rise through the classes due to his scholarship and the social connections he develops through his adventures.
The work is elegantly written and captures the period perfectly and the two main settings of London and Oxford are evocatively described. The characters are well drawn, in particular Lord Galdraith and the Lady Hecate and Jonathan himself is a fascinating personage. Jason, Jonathan’s porter is also particularly well drawn and representative of a certain post war character no longer in existence. One of the novel’s other strong points is its period setting and there is a definite filmic quality to the descriptions of the goings on in Whitehall and Scotland Yard.
The work is well researched and the period artfully rendered, and thankfully the dialogue and descriptions match the period perfectly without any historical or cultural infelicities which is extremely rare. The work is at times reminiscent of Waugh in its descriptions and there is a definite Englishness to the work in both the characterisation and setting and the sense of the old world passing into the new. In conclusion, this is a well written novel with a host of interesting characters. The historical and social setting is fascinating and evocatively rendered and deals with a particularly interesting period in British History.

Special Services, the third volume in the series is complete and in local readership.

The Hilary Term, the fourth volume, is a work in progress.

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