I had a first career as a British military officer. In 1975 I came to Canada and had a second career as a Professional Engineer and Professional Project Manager. After another career in the Federal Public Servant, I took early retirement in 1997 when I started writing. I was prompted to write because I found modern literature to be so full of violence, explicit sex and profanity that I ran out of decent books to read. I decided to write in the 'old style' so that readers, parents and school systems would be comfortable with the story.

The novels that make up the Hare Series are based on my experiences in England after World War II. My hero, Jonathan Hare, finds himself in a world that has largely disappeared, some will say for the better. The stories are based on historical facts; there were landed and titled families wielding untrammelled power; there was a brutal criminal gang that had control over large parts of the East End; and there was a form of warfare between those on the extreme Left politically and those accustomed to exercising power - referred to as the Establishment.

Whether there was a sixth-form College fostering the Left Wing agenda and an Agency protecting the Establishment I leave to my readers' imagination. Jonathan's clandestine skills are based on a demonstration of locksmithing and safe breaking given during a diplomatic briefing in a secret underground location in London in 1967. His fascination with camouflage and magic tricks mirrors my own. The street vendors' scams are based on lunch-time observations of the goings-on in Leather Lane in 1971-74 when I was stationed in London. The details of doll repair come from meeting the demands of my daughter Samantha, several heavy-handed nieces and children of family friends. The title of the first volume, 'Passe Partout' is a reference to an old architectural term for what today are called 'service stairs' by which servants can appear Upstairs and disappear Downstairs when their duties are over.